Power of Silence

The quiet stillness of reality,

I express without fear, my silence says it all

I sit silent and hear nothing,

I am far away from the world,

Yet sometimes silence is stronger than words they say,

There is nothing to explain,

With my silence you can hear the thoughts I wish to convey,

I am not weak silence is powerful,

It tells a story not spoken or read ,

It communicates a million things without things being said…


Long Lost

Photo by Hoang Loc on Pexels.com

It was a chilly night and covered with mist all the way,

She wore a coat and headed down the street,

On the way she met a man who was very kind and sweet,

Excuse me he said,

Where does this road lead?

She replied oh I too have lost my way and I am not sure what to say,

They looked at each other and smiled,

Have I seen you before Sir?

He replied I don’t recall your face,

It’s funny that I feel so,

The man was probably in his middle age,

Where do you want to go, he asked?

She smiled and said I have to reach my home,

He said my home used to be here many years ago,

But now I am not sure where they stay,

She asked, Sir is your family close here?

He replied yes, I lost them years ago,

Oh My! she said I too lost my father ages ago,

I was a small baby and can’t remember his face,

But he left me a bracelet which to remember him by,

The man saw the bracelet and was shocked,

You are my daughter he said,

She was overjoyed,

Oh Father! This is so great,

I was searching for you every single day,

I am glad I found you,

Both of them had so much to say,

They happily made their way down the street,

But this time they were lost together….


Photo by Egor Kamelev on Pexels.com

Seasons came and went,

From spring it was another winter then,

Leaves fell to the ground leaving what’s behind,

The cold air felt even colder now,

The frozen lake and the mountain peak,

A lonely winter she began to weep,

The woods knew her story,

The moon consoled her with light,

For the darkness she endured,

The fire warmed her with its touch,

The trees in the cold wind bowed to her to speak,

She lay on her bed and went to sleep,

For maybe the next day will be brighter for her than yesterday….

The Incomplete…

Photo by Vie Studio on Pexels.com

With thoughts in my head,

Words were are at a loss,

I begin to write and at some point I stop,

How can all my feelings be expressed I thought,

The deep feelings sometimes cannot be said or expressed,

Instead only felt,

The paper scribbled an incomplete sentence,

The Ink of the pen smudging as lines,

I continue writing but now it doesn’t make any sense,

What I want to say and express,

Is no longer in a clear frame….

Déjà Vu – A Feeling

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

Have you ever had the feeling that you have visited a certain place before,

A strong sense of recollection of the time and the place,

The previous experience are uncertain or believed to be impossible,

I try to remember what it is but cant recall,

Looking around to find something out of place,

In the walls are captured the stories untold,

Memories which it must reveal,

A past which does not show,

Everything is new but yet has a sense of familiarity,

I feel cold shivers,

An old feeling of Déjà vu!

The Decision

Photo by Tru1ea7n Long on Pexels.com

Feelings hurt by those close,

Intentionally or Unintentionally is unknown,

They decided to not have a child,

They were happy on their own,

She was asked by many and taunted,

Every step she was hurt and a wound was felt,

It was not a crime but a decision they made,

Can people respect that and leave them on their own…

Pillar of Strength

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I thank you for the smile you bring to me everytime I am down,

The worries seem to disappear around you,

Tough times feel miles away,

The comfort of knowing you are always there to hold me when I fall,

Make me rise and see the world in a different way,

I can be myself and act silly around you and not be judged,

There is no pretence between us,

We can talk for hours and still have so much to say,

For the special person you are to me,

You are that strongest pillar I can always lean….

A Gentle Heart

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

Being kind and careful,

Soft and calm,

Embracing life of others,

Tender and compassionate,

Speaking the truth no matter what,

The gentle nature towards everyone,

The care and the soft touch,

Gentle as a flower petal,

“There is nothing stronger in the world than a gentle heart”

Feelings Say it All…

Photo by Joshua Abner on Pexels.com

When you sense joy and happiness,

When sadness is on board,

The best way of expression though, are the feelings we endure,

From the loud sound of laughter to the silence that flows,

Smell of the fragrance of flowers to the winds that blow,

The sense of excitement overflows,

Sometimes anxiety comes in though,

Feelings of achievement and success,

Feelings of fear and failure,

We sense different feelings at different times,

When we run fast,

The thrill of our heart beating faster,

Our pulse stronger and becomes low as we go slow,

Feeling of touch and smell to the sight of the morning glow,

Feelings are very important as its the only way we can show…