The View

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Enjoying the sunset and the morning sunrise from afar,

A vast open field with tall grass,

So green and lush,

A shepherd tending to the sheep,

Crossing and making their way across,

As the sun starts to set the orange tint falls over the flowers,

Slowly everything comes to a stop…


Dancing in the Wind

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The flowers whispered to each other,

The sun gleamed on them as they rejoiced,

White, yellow, red, bright in the light,

The rhythms and the sync across as they danced,

The green grass decorated with vibrant colors,

The different colors became more prominent capturing the different shades,

As they fluttered and danced in the wind…

I Breathe…

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya on

There is something in the air today I can feel it,

Is it the smell of fresh grass ?

Or the smell of blooming flowers,

Is it the scent of wet mud,

The gentle winds blowing towards me nudging me slightly,

Is it the fog that I walk through,

Is it the pure air I breathe,

The cool feeling within me,

I realize I am head over heels in love with nature….

Nature Thanks All

Photo by Leigh Patrick on

The bright morning speaks to me,

The sun wants to play hide and seek,

The flowers have bloomed and are colorful,

The trees have now fruits on them,

The ponds have the lotus blooming out of the dirt,

The birds are now chirping singing a song,

The animals rejoice as there is no noise,

The nature thanks all,

And gives us all the beautiful sights,

Clean air to breathe,

Fresh food to eat,

Rain showers to enjoy,

Hope the nature survives once the mankind is back on their feet….


Growing from bulbs with large prominent flowers,

Often fragrant comes in different colors,

Markings include spots and brush strokes,

So pure and spotless swinging in the air,

Late spring or summer-flowering brings you,

There is no fragrance in all of the earth as sweet,

the sun and the moon govern the times and the seasons,

the sunrise awakens the dew of the morning,

Growing wild in the forest and on a grassy plain of mountains,

Symbolizing purity and refined beauty,

You can convey different meanings just with your color,

Your beauty is elegant splendid in appearance,

Your presence can bring back light in a dark room….

The Village

Across a muddy road and ‘O er the hills and plains lies a quaint village,

The air was fresh, breathing out the fragrances of recent rain,

Found myself lost in the beauty of nature O listen! what a beautiful sound

the cuckoo bird sings along a welcome to the travellers from far away and beyond,

Nev’r will you ev’r feel this calmness anywhere,

A house made with a thatched roof with straw or branches of palm trees gives a rustic feel ,

Moving along there are many rice fields with small streams and ponds nearby,

Cattle or sheep grazing in the pasture, while the farmer works in the fields

The climate surrounding the village is always pleasant,

Sky is so blue and the clouds are as white as pearls,

There is no sign of the city life the air is so pure,

A certain spiritual serenity among the magnificent rural landscapes,

I leave this place with a feeling of content until the next time….

The Morning Sun

Your day starts with the gleam of light filling the room with energy,

Birds chirping nearby, dancing winds and passerby,

The clouds, the sky and the sun’s light paint a beautiful picture of the things that will come by,

A new feeling awakens and fills our mind, the morning sun has come by,

Brightens all life, the trees, the flowers and the water shining bright,

Yesterday worries are gone, today brings a new day and smiles along

The heart fills with joy when the morning sun comes by….