The Cold Night

Photo by Pedro Figueras on

Her hands trembled with cold shivers,

The fog the only blanket she wore,

A cold night was just the beginning of her misery,

Stale food of last days cold and tasteless now,

A number of shadows walking past her,

None could see and feel her plight,

It was one of those miserable cold nights..


The Cold Shivers

Photo by Alex Fu on

There was cold winds that blew,

A cold shiver was felt among those few,

Cold nights and dark days hounded the streets,

Those who couldn’t afford slept in the cold,

Waiting for the bright light the morning would bring in,

Hoping an end to their misery….

The Morning Mist

The morning began with the cold haze,

The dew water droplets that form on the grass,

The low cloud drifting,

Fog builds up in the mountains,

The lake begins to fade,

The view fogs up,

The cold shivers,

The gentle touch,

I am caught up in the mist,

The sky, the mountains, the lake I seem to be lost among them…