March Ahead

Photo by Poranimm Athithawatthee on

They marched towards their home,

In pairs of two’s in a long straight line,

Searching for food crumbs along the way,

Disciplined and strict are they,

Hardworking with no time to stop,

They gather heavy loads and each of them plays a part,

Its a difficult job they have,

Forming colonies that range in size,

Their ability to modify habitats, tap resources, and defend themselves

Makes them unique and one of a kind…



Hunter-Gatherers in search of food and water make their way,

Dressed in a distinct way they move in small groups from one place to another,

With their ancient hunting skills at place,

They hide behind the bushes to attack their prey,

Walking miles and miles in a day they remain isolated from others than their own,

The ancient origin is their self identity,

They speak multiple languages fluently,

The elders make up the village clan and are represented by a village chief,

They are nomadic and travel for days on their feet,

Pottery shows their culture traits,

They live in thatched huts surrounded by the dense jungle,

Bows and arrows their hunting tool, they live a simple life

Their way of living maybe ancient and out of place,

They have their pride and honor above all and live their own way….