Photo by Egor Kamelev on

Seasons came and went,

From spring it was another winter then,

Leaves fell to the ground leaving what’s behind,

The cold air felt even colder now,

The frozen lake and the mountain peak,

A lonely winter she began to weep,

The woods knew her story,

The moon consoled her with light,

For the darkness she endured,

The fire warmed her with its touch,

The trees in the cold wind bowed to her to speak,

She lay on her bed and went to sleep,

For maybe the next day will be brighter for her than yesterday….



Dark vertical stripes on orange-brown fur,

Camouflaged while hunting,

A solitary but social predator,

Kills prey by clamping down on the prey’s throat,

Moves very silently in the tall grass keeping a watch,

Roaring and growling,

Eyes sparkling in the forests of the night,

In those eyes of flame one can see its next prey,

At a distance walking towards you,

Following your every step,

Makes its move by surprise,

Behold! the mighty tiger whose path you dare not pass….