True self

Photo by Henry de Guzman on

She stood still in the moment,

The camera captured her as she smiled,

At the corner of her eye was a tear waiting to come by,

The clicking sound started to hurt even more,

Someone who she isn’t she had to portray to the world outside,

She had to show she was strong and bold,

The world knew her to be so,

Inside she wanted to burst out and be free,

Away from all the people and all the empty lies,

She rushed and closed the door,

Droplets of tears dropped on the floor,

But she smiled for here there was no one to judge,

She was alone but still felt free,

And continued smiling even in this misery…


A New Self

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Her instincts told her she was right,

Had she listened to others she would have lost her path,

But she stuck to it till the end,

It was her life and her decision,

She had to do what she had to do,

She stepped out in the open,

Freedom was just a step away,

She broke from the chains of misery,

And life was welcoming her with open arms,

She had risen above,

Her ambitions and desires were to come true,

A “New Self” was born…..


Running with the wind,

the manes touch the sky,

The hoof beats in a rhythm,

Galloping over the hills,

A breathe of Freedom,

You can hear the heart beat and feel the breathe,

Grazing in the grasslands open and wild,

Loving the smell and freshness of grass,

Moving with grace and dignity,

Not resting or stopping,

Born free and wild, like a horse with wings….