Imaginary City

Photo by Andre Furtado on

Two people set on their way to discover and gain the fame,

To discover an unknown city,

As they went ahead they lost their way,

The map all old and faded ,

With nothing or no one to help they used their instincts,

Finally they reached a big tree the roots were deep and old,

This was the first point to the unknown city,

They lay beneath the tree for shade,

They continued their journey from there,

The sound of water could be heard nearby,

This was the second point,

They reached the beautiful waterfall,

And had a quick swim to feel refreshed,

They saw a old boat lying at the corner,

They got on the boat and paddled their way,

Behind the waterfall was an open space,

Leading to a different world,

There were modern buildings,

Modern architecture,

Flying cars and take away in air,

Was this the future they had come to,

They were surprised,

They came back out of the waterfall to make sure they can go back to their real world,

When they tried to re-enter the waterfall again something was different,

This time the city had vanished in thin air to never be found again…..


A New Chapter

Photo by Mark Macnamara on

As I move on,

I leave my past behind,

The future unfolds before me,

The ups and downs of life,

The struggles I had are now over,

A new start with the next sunrise,

I move to the next chapter of my life,

Leaving my past footprints behind…


In a time of solitude,

We continue to find our strength in the silence,

The togetherness and hopes of a recovery,

A hope of a new life,

We continue to move towards the light of the future and a new beginning it brings with it….


During these hard times when we are trying to cope with the challenges we face,

We are cautious yet sacred,

Our greatest power is the togetherness we hold,

The hope for a brighter future that unfolds,

We have survived much worse times ,

No disease , no war, no violence can shake us now ,

For we are strong and have learned from our damages,

For you and me are both survivors of one of a kind…..

Life Choices

These are decisions that are hard to make,

the ones which can change the course of thy future,

Its not easy to decide when you are between cross roads,

There are decisions which lead to regret and some others to success,

Mind is stressed thinking about the way, the path we take

I take a deep breathe and try to find my way,

Make a list of pro’s and cons for the decision I make,

The journey through life is such that I must say,

For once a mistake made can send you back a long way,

What choices do we have today?

Will it bring happiness or sadness,

Are we right or wrong ,

Not sure none can say,

You make your own path and choices and no one but you has a say….