Paths Unexplored

Photo by Johannes Plenio on

Far away at a distance I saw two roads diverge,

One showed straight and the other pointed away,

As a traveler,

I watched and stood,

It was a tough decision to take,

One route took less time and went over lovely valleys and beautiful streams,

The other had a broken bridge and rough paths and stops in between ,

The path is tough but will get you there,

I decided to take the rough road,

The wind was gushing,

It began to rain and the stream overflowing ,

Challenges over challenges I felt lost,

But still went on waiting for the dawn,

After a terrible night finally reached the other side,

Suddenly saw a light in the sky,

It was the lovely morning light,

I had made it through the night,

Laying down looking at the clear sky,

I felt proud,

I had achieved more than i think I could and felt satisfied….


Ladder to the Sky

Photo by Lisa Fotios on

I want to build a ladder to the sky,

I want to see the whole world from up there,

Tiny below well-lit at night,

I want to float on the clouds,

The blueness of the sky and the ocean,

The sun and me having a long chat,

Giggling and laughing our hearts out,

In the night the moon would give me company,

We would have dinner together in moon light,

The soft clouds would be my bed on which I lay,

The birds flying would come and whisper on the way,

When its time to rain I can see droplets and all green below,

When it’s spring I can see beautiful blossoms of flowers,

The sky would change into whatever color I want,

The sky and me would be like two friends sharing our stories…