The Art of Gratitude

Readiness to show appreciation for,

To return kindness,

The art of living a happy and fulfilling life,

Think of those who are less fortunate ,

Before you whine,

It is in finding peace of mind inside,

Being happy in the smallest of things,

That makes life living worthwhile,

The more gratitude you feel,

The more happiness and joy you will receive,

“Less is more”


The Giver of Life

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

“She takes care of you like a child,

No matter your age you are always a baby to her,

A touch of warmth,

A blanket to keep you away from harm’s way,

She is gentle,

Yet so strong,

She showers love and makes you smile,

She is your good friend when in need,

Your help in troubled times,

A shoulder to cry on,

She is no lesser than a super hero,

She is your strength when you are weak,

She is that hope that you lean on,

She is none other than your mom”

Happy Mother’s Day in advance to all the mother’s in the world…