A materialistic MIND

Non- attachment to things is freedom,

A self-realization of reality waiting to be explored,

How much of material wealth would satisfy,

A bottomless pit of greed and ego,

When you live you own things,

Focused on objects, ownership and wealth,

When you die you take nothing,

Memories in life are the riches,

Thoughts are wealth worth beyond any price,

People close to us are golden,

Love is something money can’t buy. …


The Boundary of Life

In the boundaries of our restricted lives,

Stories are written with wrong lines,

The projection of outside is deception,

A mask worn to satisfy,

The true self is lost in mere lies,

Power and greed has occupied the minds,

Goodness is few,

Peace is nowhere to be found nearby,

Selfishness has taken over with all stride,

There is no judgement between right and wrong,

How can one go through life with losing oneself in one’s own eyes…