Follow the Sun

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Follow the sun that brings a smile on your face,

Follow that light which soothes the mind ,

Refreshed and a new feeling,

The sun signifies truly a new beginning,

Follow the sun the bright light,

Amidst Darkness creating a hope,

You won’t ever lose your way,

For the sun is here to stay….


A Contract

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Terms unbreakable,

A bond so unwillingly false,

Tight and close,

No room for negotiation,

A signature,

Desperate times,

No choice seems the only choice,

Seemed right for future then,

Followed by Regret and no way out,

A contract a trap,

You keep falling only to realize how deep you are in it….

Making Sense

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There are things that make sense and those that dont,

The more you think about it, you seem lost on your own,

It is your world and there is the reality,

The things you are taught and the things you learn on your own,

Everything has a meaning, maybe just a hint of what’s coming your way,

Just stick to your path and dont move away,

Dont give up if things dont go your way,

You are stronger than you think,

It will take time but things will surely fall your way..

The Search

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She walked the lonely streets,

In search of someone she had to meet,

A drop of tear on her cheek,

Her eyes swollen she hadn’t slept for a week,

With no slippers she ran barefoot out the door onto the street,

She searched everywhere but couldn’t find the one,

She looked at the sky and the clouds passing by,

There was a sound of thunder and rain that came by,

Soaked in wet clothes she made her way back home,

As yet again tomorrow she will continue the same,

With no results and only disappointment her search will end yet again…


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Sometimes when the good memories flash by,

While laughing a tear drops by,

Sometimes when I feel alone and I remember those times,

My heart feels heavy and I begin to cry,

Sometimes good news and surprises come by,

I jump with joy to hold on to it forever,

Sometimes when life seems tough,

I smile and take every struggle up with stride,

Sometimes I make a wish hoping it comes true,

Sometimes I like to have a talk with nature,

But all the time I wish things would go back to normal,

Time would reset itself,

And we would all be back to where we belong…

A New Chapter

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As I move on,

I leave my past behind,

The future unfolds before me,

The ups and downs of life,

The struggles I had are now over,

A new start with the next sunrise,

I move to the next chapter of my life,

Leaving my past footprints behind…


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With the dark clouds moving away,

The bright sun makes its way,

I want to see the gloomy day fill with light,

Where one can be free from the calamity,

Where the winds of change begin,

Making its way to a new day,

Giving way to togetherness and spirituality,

A world free from all the chaos,

And stepping towards the light of freedom and prosperity…


In a time of solitude,

We continue to find our strength in the silence,

The togetherness and hopes of a recovery,

A hope of a new life,

We continue to move towards the light of the future and a new beginning it brings with it….


A small village had a well,

Old and weathered but a unique one,

Filled with water and stones at the bottom,

The villagers believed it was a lucky well,

Anyone who drew water from it,

Would get all the good luck at once,

The villagers would pray day and night and thank the well,

One morning a villager went to drink water,

He stood shocked water had gone,

He assembled everyone,

The villagers panicked and wondered what went wrong,

Where had all the water gone?

Maybe it dried up with no rains for so long,

Time froze for them,

With the well gone the villagers had no clue how to move on…