Remember When I am Gone

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Remember those memories we created,

Those laughs and smiles we shared,

The long journeys we took together,

Holding hands on a beach and the water coming by and touching our feet,

That piece of cake we shared,

The celebrations with our families,

Remember when I am gone,

We have faced so much together,

We were pillars of strength to each other,

Through those sorrows and the up and down’s.

As we grow old together,

Leading a simple life,

Till the end forever,

Remember when I am gone…


The Long Road

A journey planned down the road,

The ocean following us side by side,

All the laughter and the fun giggles,

The noise indoors,

The journey together which holds dear,

The confusion and chaos of losing our way,

Dozens of paper maps and virtual maps at display,

That picnic stops for hunger,

That brown basket which has our delicious sandwiches,

The excitement of the journey ahead,

The wild goose chase that we all love,

It’s the journey that matters,

Oh, how I miss those days,

As the destination awaits…

All Aboard!!

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All Aboard !!

The train conductor’s call,

The passengers made their way onto the train,

The engine let out its steam and blew a whistle,

It was then time to leave,

Crew members, service attendants and porters hurried to make it to the train,

The train started to move slowly as it left the station,

Visitors of the passengers waved their goodbyes,

Some with even tears in their eyes,

It was after sometime you could see the end of the train which had many bogies,

So majestic as it curved with every turn,

As the train picked up speed it made more sound and everything outside moved fast,

Each compartment had a door which passengers can lock from inside ,

There were no upper or lower berths neither sides,

Divided into separate areas with no means of moving between compartments,

The aroma of food made the people anxious,

They couldn’t wait to taste the food that was served nearby,

The train changed different routes passing trees ,

Meadows along the way,

Finally we reached our destination and got down from the train,

What an amazing journey it was,

I wish I could turn back time and do it all over again….

The Mountain Spirit

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I walk towards the light,

The mountain shows me the way,

Healing my earthly wounds,

That never seem to go away,

Nature is my help to serenity,

The trees, the river, sounds of tranquillity,

Standing tall and majestic your peak covered with white glow,

The mountain is my company when I feel low,

I sit all day admiring your beauty,

As loneliness takes over I enjoy your company,

We cross paths every day,

Amidst all the chaos and turmoil, you maintain my sanity,

All the roads lead to you and bow to your presence,

You are the sacred journey I wish to take…

Lost IN Woods

The woods are lovely and run deep,

I seemed to have lost my way and now have no place to stay,

The trail disappears not sure which path to take,

It is becoming dark and i need to find a way,

There is no one else around and the map is not helping me in anyway,

The crumbs i laid on the way have no trace,

With no light to see i struggle to make my way,

The moon’s light is the only light that shines,

As it gets more darker I decide to take rest under a tree and wait for the next day,

The sun creeping from the shadows brings out the morning light,

As i try to find my way back one must say it was a journey worthwhile,

I know it will take many more days but I am much closer to nature now than ever in every way….