My Space

The time seems to be ticking away, Long work hours are here to stay, Just a moment of silence and a deep breathe, A feeling of peace and calmness is what I get, For a minute all stops and halts, No worries no stress, Its time to be with myself and do the thing I […]

Long Gone

A smile long gone, Drowning in sadness, Where do I belong, Nothing left to say or feel , It’s silence that has achieved its victory, Tears have no meaning now, Laughter is a mystery now…..

The Bridge

The cracks spoke a story, Ancient and old, The bridge that was used to cross by many, Was now standing alone, The voyages and the path, Travelled by those few, The visitors admiring the splendid view, The river that flow beneath once had boats passing by, For trade and survival this was the only means […]

Power of Silence

The quiet stillness of reality, I express without fear, my silence says it all I sit silent and hear nothing, I am far away from the world, Yet sometimes silence is stronger than words they say, There is nothing to explain, With my silence you can hear the thoughts I wish to convey, I am […]

The Choice

A mountain of burden heavy to carry, Shoulders with tangled knots, Tired with worries, Working around the clock, No Sleep, No Rest Life was definitely a test, A line of hurdles to cross, Finding the way or getting lost, Each test is a pass or a fail, At the end you choose the trail…

The Pink Blush

A Peek of those rosy cheeks, A prick a second of pain, Dancing and Fluttering in the wind, Shadows disappearing to the bright sight of you, Your beauty enhanced, smell so fresh so divine, Soft touch and vibrant color, What a beautiful sight you are….

The Winds I hear you !!

Owe it to the wind to bring in some good news, The smell of the flowers to the ocean breeze, The fluttering and dancing of the trees, The sound of children playing in the fields, To the shiny sparkling water of the reflection of oneself is seen, Owe it to the wind passing by, Words […]


Deep within the search begins for peace and quiet, The mind makes noise forbidding the clarity of thought, Deep inside when fears become reality, And the mask you wear falls off, Your emotions are seen by everyone, But felt only by those few, Within those feelings of uncertainty, Comes a feeling of hope, Opening the […]