The Golden Keys

A small girl was playing in the garden when she came across an unusual key,

It had some writings on it and seemed pretty old to see,

She wondered what opens with the key,

On the way back home she found another key she picked up that one too and continued to make her way through,

After sometime she saw a very bright light at a distance,

With all alacrity she walked towards it, she crossed over hills

until she came to a tree where the light was coming from,

She looked around to see what was causing the bright light

From the top of the tree fell another key,

She picked up the key and now had three keys,

This key had a map like drawing on it, she went to meet a lady with the 3 keys in hand,

The lady was reading a book when the girl showed her the keys,

Looks like it was a key that leads to somewhere which was never seen,

The lady agreed to help the girl to find the origin of the key,

They set across the valleys and O’er hills and reached the place finally,

They saw a cottage covered with beautiful flowers and trees,

the girl was excited and could see a door which required a key,

She went and opened the door with the first key,

Inside she found an old box which was opened with the second key,

In the box she found a book to read and had some pictures of the girl and the lady together,

the girl was shocked and was wondering what had happened,

the lady opened another box with the third key, in the box was a beautiful dress for the girl to wear,

The girl got tears in her eyes as she realized it was the lady who gave her a birthday surprise,

She cried and hugged the lady and said she will always remember this day forever..