The Long Road

A journey planned down the road,

The ocean following us side by side,

All the laughter and the fun giggles,

The noise indoors,

The journey together which holds dear,

The confusion and chaos of losing our way,

Dozens of paper maps and virtual maps at display,

That picnic stops for hunger,

That brown basket which has our delicious sandwiches,

The excitement of the journey ahead,

The wild goose chase that we all love,

It’s the journey that matters,

Oh, how I miss those days,

As the destination awaits…


The Celebration

Photo by Min An on

There was singing and dancing,

Music played loud,

The night clear and bright,

The lanterns all lit colorful and pretty,

Marking a new beginning,

The village sparkled with lights,

The quiet streets were now noisy,

The children excited and cheerful,

Smiles and laughter echoed through the streets,

It was a celebration of hope,

Rejoicing the return of their loved ones…

Funny Bones

Photo by Singkham on

A joyful sound,

A humorous story,

Visual expression of happiness and relief,

A tickle in the funny bone,

An emotional context to conversations,

A positive interaction,

Contagious when passed,

No harm caused,

Appearance of excitement,

An inward feeling of joy and happiness,

Laughter is the best medicine for the heart…

So, Folks keep smiling and laugh your heart out.

Take care and Be safe.