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From the moment you are born,

The circle of life begins its rounds,

From the time you learn to walk,

To the time you learn to talk,

The first time you ride a bike,

To the first day at your school,

You are taught values and gratitude,

A certain behavior is expected of you,

From there you begin your teen years your way of life changes,

You enjoy every moment of this time,

Responsibility takes over and you start your first day at a job,

From there on its time to get settled,

Your children grow and have their own,

You grow old and enjoy peace and tranquillity on your own,

This is the circle of life till the last day you survive…



Wisdom is to realize what is of value in life,

It is knowing what is true or right,

The ability to use your knowledge and experience,

Make informed decisions and judgements,

knowledge is a tool,

An understanding through experience or education,

By perceiving, discovering and learning,

“Poetry is wisdom it always has a meaning and a lesson to be learnt and read”


You are tested at every step,

Some are difficult some an easy pass,

Your darkest moments haunt you and you wonder when this time will pass,

There is nothing to fear when you see everything clear,

After every dark night there is always a ray of sunshine,

Study your experiences and your wisdom pays off,

For life is a test and a journey of learning if learnt well you will surpass….


It’s going to happen no matter what you do,

your future or the per-ordained path of your life,

Destiny is what happens when you commit to growing, learning and taking those chances

You are destined for greatness through your active decisions,

We hold our destiny in ourselves,

Destined to dream and achieve greatness,

A matter of choice to be achieved,

It shows the path it is we who need to find the right way,

Destiny is you and what you make of it and no one else can make it for you…


During these hard times when we are trying to cope with the challenges we face,

We are cautious yet sacred,

Our greatest power is the togetherness we hold,

The hope for a brighter future that unfolds,

We have survived much worse times ,

No disease , no war, no violence can shake us now ,

For we are strong and have learned from our damages,

For you and me are both survivors of one of a kind…..