I lay below the starry night sky,

Hoping to get a glimpse of your face ,

One star stands out from the others,

It reminds me of you,

I wonder if you can see it too?

It tells a story of us,

Of how,

We are far apart but yet much so closer than ever…


Follow the Sun

Photo by Samuel Theo Manat Silitonga on

Follow the sun that brings a smile on your face,

Follow that light which soothes the mind ,

Refreshed and a new feeling,

The sun signifies truly a new beginning,

Follow the sun the bright light,

Amidst Darkness creating a hope,

You won’t ever lose your way,

For the sun is here to stay….


Photo by Egor Kamelev on

Seasons came and went,

From spring it was another winter then,

Leaves fell to the ground leaving what’s behind,

The cold air felt even colder now,

The frozen lake and the mountain peak,

A lonely winter she began to weep,

The woods knew her story,

The moon consoled her with light,

For the darkness she endured,

The fire warmed her with its touch,

The trees in the cold wind bowed to her to speak,

She lay on her bed and went to sleep,

For maybe the next day will be brighter for her than yesterday….


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I try to catch the sun in my palm,

But it gently slips away,

Making its way through my fingers,

It laughs at me,

And mocks me in every way,

Having tried all day,

It asks me to give up and makes me go away,

Then I try my luck with the moon,

Hoping to catch the moon in my palm,

But the moon shy’s away and goes hiding into the clouds,

A bright star flashes in the sky,

Winking at me and laughing at my plight,

I try capturing the star but it keeps disappearing from the sky,

I tell myself on this beautiful night,

That this beauty is here to stay,

And admire it from a distance,

Capture it with my eyes for forever to be saved….

Floating Away

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Floating in space, weightless,

What a view of the world beneath,

Can you hear my voice,

Can you see me out there,

A void of nothingness till far far away,

And a bright light that shines,

Is it your smile that I see that lights up the space,

Is it your face that brings a smile on mine,

My imagination takes me out there,

Mind is free and I begin to realize,

I am back at the same place where it all began,

And its all just a dream…

The Cold Shivers

Photo by Alex Fu on

There was cold winds that blew,

A cold shiver was felt among those few,

Cold nights and dark days hounded the streets,

Those who couldn’t afford slept in the cold,

Waiting for the bright light the morning would bring in,

Hoping an end to their misery….

The Discovery

The candles illuminated the room,

A book was read with that light,

Everything handwritten in Ink,

The sounds of music unheard,

The thrill of movies absent,

Then came Thomas Alva Edison,

The phonograph,

The motion picture camera,

The long-lasting,

Practical electric light bulb,

He changed the way of life forever…