Remember When I am Gone

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Remember those memories we created,

Those laughs and smiles we shared,

The long journeys we took together,

Holding hands on a beach and the water coming by and touching our feet,

That piece of cake we shared,

The celebrations with our families,

Remember when I am gone,

We have faced so much together,

We were pillars of strength to each other,

Through those sorrows and the up and down’s.

As we grow old together,

Leading a simple life,

Till the end forever,

Remember when I am gone…


Boat of Dreams

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A boat of dreams,

Where all your wishes come true,

One wanted to be a pilot,

The other a sailor in blue,

But there was one other who wanted something,

A wish which was asked by none other,

The wish was to be loved by everyone,

The boat rocked from side to side,

This was one wish that he couldn’t do,

The boat gently answered,

“He said love comes from within,

And should be on one’s own if its true,

If one person loves you among the million,

So be it cherish it forever through and through”

The boat said this and sank to the bottom of the ocean,

For his love was waiting at the end….

When they Met

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Two strangers met on a starry night on a bridge,

Their eyes met it was love at first sight,

A gentle smile which took his heart away…

Two strangers met on a starry night ,

A moment of silence where only their eyes spoke,

Gentle winds blew across circling them,

As though cupid had shot his arrow…

Two strangers met on a starry night,

Finally the first words were spoken,

Which brought them even close,

Looking at the moon shine so bright,

They held hands and the shyness they had , now gone

Here began a new story of two strangers who met,

And who had no idea what was to follow….

The Search

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She walked the lonely streets,

In search of someone she had to meet,

A drop of tear on her cheek,

Her eyes swollen she hadn’t slept for a week,

With no slippers she ran barefoot out the door onto the street,

She searched everywhere but couldn’t find the one,

She looked at the sky and the clouds passing by,

There was a sound of thunder and rain that came by,

Soaked in wet clothes she made her way back home,

As yet again tomorrow she will continue the same,

With no results and only disappointment her search will end yet again…

The Arrow

Cupid laughed as he shot his arrow,

But his arrow suddenly turned away,

Missing his target and his prey,

Cupid was furious ,

For this had never happened before any day,

So ,he shot another arrow in the air,

Only to miss again,

The arrow turned towards his way,

Was cupid going to be hit by his own arrow,

He tried to escape but the arrow followed him all the way,

Finally striking him,

Cupid felt amazing in a way,

He was now feeling something that he never felt ever before any day….

A Pillar of Strength- Happy Father’s Day

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You were always there for me whenever I needed you,

I have shared my beliefs and thoughts with you,

Our opinions clashed at times,

But we still have an unbreakable bond,

With whom I share my secrets with,

My idol to whom I look up for strength during those stressful times,

You always know what is right for me,

Lot of memories and good times we have shared,

You can do anything for your family,

For the caring and loving person you are,

You mean the world to me,

Happy Father’s Day !


Cute and small they are everywhere,

Soft in touch with a furry tail,

By will they are here to stay,

With a twinkle in their eye and smile on their face,

They are so cute and a bundle of joy,

Gentle are they and share their love along the way,

They are small and sweet not very complicated,

Your friend and loyal are they,

So go on and play and enjoy the affection that they display…