Déjà Vu – A Feeling

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Have you ever had the feeling that you have visited a certain place before,

A strong sense of recollection of the time and the place,

The previous experience are uncertain or believed to be impossible,

I try to remember what it is but cant recall,

Looking around to find something out of place,

In the walls are captured the stories untold,

Memories which it must reveal,

A past which does not show,

Everything is new but yet has a sense of familiarity,

I feel cold shivers,

An old feeling of Déjà vu!


A Note

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I wrote a note to myself,

In that note I wrote,

Never to forget those wonderful times,

Treasure the moments created,

Remember the hardships faced,

And the success that followed,

The learning from those experiences,

Where I gained my wisdom,

As time passes by,

I wrote a note myself,

And so It follows ….

Changing Times

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When I sit to gather my thoughts,

Some distractions block my thoughts,

The phone rings continuously,

Remembering those childhood days,

When a rock was my playing space,

No technology just simple play,

Getting hands dirty in the mud,

Playing outside all day,

But now things have changed,

Children play indoors with their phones,

Tablets with various games,

The childhood memories will always stay with me,

I wonder what the next generation will say,

Will they will have any memories to share…

Memory Loop

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In my dream,

I am in my memories,

I visit the old house which once had people living,

Dust gathered on the shelves,

Smell of old withered wood,

Few books whose pages smell of black print and wetness,

The fire place has sand around it,

I pick up some sand and it gently escapes through my fingers,

I make my way upstairs to the attic,

Dark and dingy,

Webs of silky threads like,

Spiders crawling,

An old photo frame covered with dust,

As I make my way to the window,

I am pulled back,

To the main hall below,

I had visited earlier,

I begin from the start again,

I seem to be slipping away in a loop back to the same moment again and again….


Photo by Miriam Espacio on Pexels.com

Sometimes when the good memories flash by,

While laughing a tear drops by,

Sometimes when I feel alone and I remember those times,

My heart feels heavy and I begin to cry,

Sometimes good news and surprises come by,

I jump with joy to hold on to it forever,

Sometimes when life seems tough,

I smile and take every struggle up with stride,

Sometimes I make a wish hoping it comes true,

Sometimes I like to have a talk with nature,

But all the time I wish things would go back to normal,

Time would reset itself,

And we would all be back to where we belong…

Past Memories

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I turn those pages which hold your memories,

The album is weathered and old,

Page by Page I feel your presence,

Which remind me of our time together,

Our laughter and the silly things we would do,

As children the mischief we would get through,

The swing I would sit on and you would push me,

The tree house that we built together,

Promised to move in there when we get old,

You would share your chocolate with me,

I would let you comb my dolls hair,

I would cook for you and we would have tea,

Those were those days which now remain a memory….


The white strands were visible,

Their memory started to fade,

But young at heart were they,

who were growing old with grace,

Their entire life is a wonderful journey,

they accomplished their desires ,

Watching over their grandchildren as they played,

They have travelled the world,

A treasure of experiences to share,

Having taken many risks at their time,

Now they want peace and tranquility and grow old gracefully,

They are fulfilled with what they have achieved in their lives,

And have no regrets to this day,

For they take life as it comes with the time that passes by…

A materialistic MIND

Non- attachment to things is freedom,

A self-realization of reality waiting to be explored,

How much of material wealth would satisfy,

A bottomless pit of greed and ego,

When you live you own things,

Focused on objects, ownership and wealth,

When you die you take nothing,

Memories in life are the riches,

Thoughts are wealth worth beyond any price,

People close to us are golden,

Love is something money can’t buy. …


Remember us when you are away,

My heart pains with your leaving,

But I understand I cannot ask you to stay,

You will be miles away but distance will not keep us apart,

Come back soon as we will wait for that day,

For these are the hardest words i have had to say,

The memories we had will always stay,

I know the days will be tough ahead,

We will not allow our tears to flow, it is tough to see you go

But good times will come by as time will fly by,

When we will be together we will live those moments again…


Memories Forever

Thoughts that never go away, always remain with you to stay,

Makes you smile and makes you cry ,

These are the moments in your life,

the Joy you felt and the sadness you felt ,

That nobody can take away, memories captured are yours forever to come by,

Remembering those best moments in your life, that went out with a blink of an eye

Memories are forever to be cherished as time gone never comes by….