Ocean Moods

Photo by Tom Swinnen on Pexels.com

Our minds like the ocean waves,

With turbulence seems angry and lashed out,

Low tides a symbol of sadness,

High tides excitement follows,

Calmness like the still water,

Clarity in the form of clear and pure,

Struggles like storms at ocean,

Its chaos in our minds and uncertainty,

Erratic weather,

Lost ships at ocean with losing our minds,

Hopes with the weather clearing,

Tomorrow like the calm ocean,

Success like the sun that peeks from the clouds and shines…



Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

“They live in a bubble,

With no knowledge of the outside world,

No life experience and no struggles,

Engrossed in themselves they seem to think the world revolves around them,

Selfish and self centered are they,

They help no one but themselves,

They are influenced by the bubble they live in”


“Chaos and uncertainty are the enemies of progress”

“Future with no hope is a bleak one”

“Without a sense of belonging a home cannot be a home”

“Love cannot exist where enemies are plenty”

“A smile can bring light into a dark room”

“To move on means to move ahead in life”

Last but not the least “You know who you are when you know yourself better than anyone”


Beautiful and magnificent,

A figment of my imagination,

I Paint a picture,

Using gentle brush strokes on my canvas,

Making different patterns with different colors fresh and vibrant,

Excited to see the way different colors blend,

Capturing the brightness of the sun,

Clouds overcasting mountains,

Beauty of the sky in light blue,

I capture the vision of the painting in words bringing my imagination to life…..



When the mind wanders it takes me to a different world where time comes to a still,

The mind when troubled with many thoughts is like the ocean in a storm,

When calm its like the wind that blows gently all around,

When excitement follows its like the flowers rejoice the return of spring,

Mind in anger is like a hurricane waiting for thunderstorms,

When sad and lonely wandering mind has its own wings,

The mind wanders aimlessly disconnected from everyone, everything and far from home…