Picture Perfect

She looks at the mirror and wonders,

Is it me or is it someone else,

Who am I trying to please,

Am I happy trying to live somebody else’s dream,

Changes that have come by in me,

Can those close to me also see?

Trying to be the perfect girl,

Am I losing myself all together,

And so it seems…


The Image

Photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels.com

The young girl smiled looking at herself in the mirror,

She went back and forth wondering how can the other one look so similar,

Shy and innocent she played with her image by actions,

Her opposite image would mimic her,

She would laugh and smile in excitement,

She wore a crown and a pretty dress,

She was the princess one time,

The other time a warrior fighting in a battle,

She was cooking at her toy kitchen one time,

The other time she would show her doll to her reflection,

So innocent and playful was she,

She would turn towards the mirror and sleep at night…

The Unknown Twin

She had a smile across her face she saw something familiar,

The water was crystal clear and brought a tear,

She stared for hours for it made her excited to see herself,

Strange thing she wondered what it was, was it her twin?

She admired her beauty and charm,

For she had no mirror to look at for so long,

She moved her hand back and forth keeping one eye on her new friend,

And wondered, how can this person do exactly the same thing,

It was a fun game and she spent most of her time playing it,

Her reflection in water began to glow with the light and she found it a pretty sight,

Now she must go home and tell her parents about her day,

About how she met the most amazing person today!