The Above View

Photo by Ben Mack on

The blue sky beckons and calls me,

So clear and so beautiful,

The clouds moving along,

A design so beautifully created,

The reflection of the blueness on the water lake below,

The peeping gentle light of the sun rays,

Sun sets away towards the evening,

Making way to the night’s glamorous bright moon…



Photo by Barcelos_fotos on

I try to catch the sun in my palm,

But it gently slips away,

Making its way through my fingers,

It laughs at me,

And mocks me in every way,

Having tried all day,

It asks me to give up and makes me go away,

Then I try my luck with the moon,

Hoping to catch the moon in my palm,

But the moon shy’s away and goes hiding into the clouds,

A bright star flashes in the sky,

Winking at me and laughing at my plight,

I try capturing the star but it keeps disappearing from the sky,

I tell myself on this beautiful night,

That this beauty is here to stay,

And admire it from a distance,

Capture it with my eyes for forever to be saved….

Lets Talk

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Moon, Oh Moon come and meet me someday,

We will sit and talk for many hours a day,

We will discuss how wonderful you look,

And what makes you shine bright every night,

We will exchange stories and become best buddies overnight,

Right now, I sit alone and speak into the night,

Hoping you can hear me and answer to my plight,

Talk to me about the sun and the stars,

Give me hope and when things don’t go right,

Come and speak to me and spread your heavenly light….

The Night Sky

How beautiful you look,

Glowing bright in the night skies,

Showing way to those who are in need of your light,

The beauty of this magical light makes you sigh,

Illuminating the darkness of the night,

Sparkling, shimmering , glimmering from far in its silver glow and gaze,

Changing with time in every passing hour,

You are like the night sun that shines bright,

Bringing back the sun thereby easing into the glaring light of the day,

You shine with the stars in the sky, enhancing the beauty of the nite light,

Your presence brings calmness and a feeling of joy,

I lay down and look at the sky,

What a magnificent sight,

One can only appreciate the beauty of the moon with one’s own eyes…