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“I often imagine that I am at a top of a mountain and I scream loud and hear the echo repeat itself of what I say and the clouds, the sky understand me and acknowledge my presence and make my day”


The Mountain Spirit

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I walk towards the light,

The mountain shows me the way,

Healing my earthly wounds,

That never seem to go away,

Nature is my help to serenity,

The trees, the river, sounds of tranquillity,

Standing tall and majestic your peak covered with white glow,

The mountain is my company when I feel low,

I sit all day admiring your beauty,

As loneliness takes over I enjoy your company,

We cross paths every day,

Amidst all the chaos and turmoil, you maintain my sanity,

All the roads lead to you and bow to your presence,

You are the sacred journey I wish to take…