The View

Enjoying the sunset and the morning sunrise from afar, A vast open field with tall grass, So green and lush, A shepherd tending to the sheep, Crossing and making their way across, As the sun starts to set the orange tint falls over the flowers, Slowly everything comes to a stop…

Power of Silence

The quiet stillness of reality, I express without fear, my silence says it all I sit silent and hear nothing, I am far away from the world, Yet sometimes silence is stronger than words they say, There is nothing to explain, With my silence you can hear the thoughts I wish to convey, I am […]

The Pink Blush

A Peek of those rosy cheeks, A prick a second of pain, Dancing and Fluttering in the wind, Shadows disappearing to the bright sight of you, Your beauty enhanced, smell so fresh so divine, Soft touch and vibrant color, What a beautiful sight you are….

The Winds I hear you !!

Owe it to the wind to bring in some good news, The smell of the flowers to the ocean breeze, The fluttering and dancing of the trees, The sound of children playing in the fields, To the shiny sparkling water of the reflection of oneself is seen, Owe it to the wind passing by, Words […]

On the Road

Was walking on a straight road, Met a stranger a very fun fellow, We spoke for hours and then went our way, Was walking on a straight road, A flock of sheep came my way, A shepherd who had many stories to tell, We spent a long time sharing stories and became friends, Was walking […]

A Walk

She went for a long walk, No destination just across, Just kept going and going, Her feet wouldn’t stop, She went for a long walk, Her mind full of thoughts, Worries for what was to come, Her tomorrow seemed so lost, There was a sense of fear of the future, She took a pause from […]

A Beautiful Feeling

I close my eyes and I feel everything around me, The sun’s bright light still feeling bright with my eyes closed, The sudden chillness of cool air that flows, To the smell of the fresh air I breathe, The fog that settles on that mountain gently, To the call of the birds its time to […]

Follow the Sun

Follow the sun that brings a smile on your face, Follow that light which soothes the mind , Refreshed and a new feeling, The sun signifies truly a new beginning, Follow the sun the bright light, Amidst Darkness creating a hope, You won’t ever lose your way, For the sun is here to stay….