I lay below the starry night sky,

Hoping to get a glimpse of your face ,

One star stands out from the others,

It reminds me of you,

I wonder if you can see it too?

It tells a story of us,

Of how,

We are far apart but yet much so closer than ever…


When they Met

Photo by Thau00eds Silva on

Two strangers met on a starry night on a bridge,

Their eyes met it was love at first sight,

A gentle smile which took his heart away…

Two strangers met on a starry night ,

A moment of silence where only their eyes spoke,

Gentle winds blew across circling them,

As though cupid had shot his arrow…

Two strangers met on a starry night,

Finally the first words were spoken,

Which brought them even close,

Looking at the moon shine so bright,

They held hands and the shyness they had , now gone

Here began a new story of two strangers who met,

And who had no idea what was to follow….

The Cold Shivers

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There was cold winds that blew,

A cold shiver was felt among those few,

Cold nights and dark days hounded the streets,

Those who couldn’t afford slept in the cold,

Waiting for the bright light the morning would bring in,

Hoping an end to their misery….

Shadow in the Dark

In the darkness of the night,

Replicating my every movement,

Something follows me,

Sometimes short other times long,

It tends to follow wherever I go,

I run away fast from it only to find it close,

In the light it hides behind me as though scared,

It feels a part of me my twin,

It seems magical,

Sometimes vanishes in thin air,

Only to change its form and come back once again…