Life’s Truth

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

There are times in life when you feel completely lost,

You don’t know which direction to take,

There is no sign board to guide you through this road,

Goals seem far away to achieve,

You are trying your best to go on anyway,

Hoping there is some light somewhere,

People don’t make it easy for you either,

A million things are said,

You gather all strengths and face them boldly,

Days , months pass away and still no success,

You fall down with vain,

But somehow you hold on to something or someone who will share your pain,

Life seems a bit better as you are not alone now,

The journey is going to be tough you know you have to take tough decisions,

Life comes to a stand still and you take a moment to think and breathe,

Plan all there is to achieve that is beyond,

Know that life is tough and there will be obstacles in the way,

But someday you will get what you deserve,

Because hard work always pays….


Make it Happen

Today is gone, but tomorrow is a new day

Establish those goals and keep working on them everyday,

The climb will be hard but believe you will reach there,

Challenges and Obstacles would come around you and trap you in every way,

But you got to go on and achieve what you desire,

Plan better and focus on the paths you take ,

It will take time and energy in every way,

It may take many years to see the fruits that you have sowed, but dont get pulled back

Keep going and dont look back,

Success will follow once you have given your best in every way….