The Ocean Beckons….

The winds blew towards the shore, Announcing its coming, The tides raising and falling, The moon a mirror of reflection on the water gleaming, Twinkling of the stars in the sky, Shimmering sparkles of the sand, The sound of the ocean waves the cool breeze across my face, A fishing boat far away, A small […]

The Ship of No Return

A voyage which no one thought would be their last, The sheer size of the ship gigantic and enormous, The safest ships of all, But that feeling didn’t last longer, A monstrous white sheet of ice, The collision caused the hull plates to buckle inwards along her starboard, Flooding the ship all along deck by […]

Creature of the sea

Beneath the deep blue waters of the sea, Something lurks around the dark corner, With umbrella-shaped bells and trailing tentacles, Armed with stinging cells to fight of their enemy, Catching prey and illuminating the dark spots as it pushes the threats away, Hurting anyone that stands in the way, Swept to the shores at times […]

The Ocean’s Fury

Out in the ocean the storm descended upon us, It was a brutal night as the sun disappears, Secure the sails called out the captain, the nature’s force wreaks fury on the ship, the ship was sinking one could hear the screams of the families cry out, They were all washed overboard, trembling waves brought […]