The Pain of Loss

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A cloud of sadness surrounds her,

With drops of tears trickling down her cheek,

Her eyes swollen for not having slept,

She mourns the loss of her child,

A child connected with her whose presence she felt,

The bond till birth and beyond was broken,

A chord of invisibility within her which was a strong bond of love,

She couldn’t bear the pain and agony,

For she would have cared for the child like none other,

The child was gone she felt helpless and alone,

Now she finds it difficult to survive on her own…



Times where things hurt so bad and there is nothing you can do about it,

Tears flow like a river all along,

What someone said pricks like a needle without a thread,

Heart fills with sadness and despair,

Not knowing how to react one feels alone in this fight,

It hurts to have no one during this time,

Its like tides which rise and don’t slow down,

Like the lightning that constantly wants to wear you down,

The feeling is miserable and painful,

Coming out of the shell and gathering strength is the only way,

“Tough times lie ahead if we give up today how will we withstand tomorrow’s pain”…..


Remember us when you are away,

My heart pains with your leaving,

But I understand I cannot ask you to stay,

You will be miles away but distance will not keep us apart,

Come back soon as we will wait for that day,

For these are the hardest words i have had to say,

The memories we had will always stay,

I know the days will be tough ahead,

We will not allow our tears to flow, it is tough to see you go

But good times will come by as time will fly by,

When we will be together we will live those moments again…

Tears of Pain

Drops of tears falling down the cheek,

What caused this pain one may not speak,

Cleansing the wounds of the troubled,

These tears don’t make you weak,

It gives you the strength that you need,

Tears of past or present pain,

Tears of anger and hate, Heart filled with sadness

Lonely you cry and feel away,

World does not seem to understand your pain,

It is difficult to stop you now,

You fight alone to this day,

No shoulder to cry on, or to make you feel at bay,

How do i make you go away?

You have decided to stay,

A smile is just what you need to make those tears go away,

You are difficult to explain but yet you make me feel light once you come away,

Oh stop now ! I have to overcome the pain and move on with my life again…