On the Road

Photo by S Migaj on Pexels.com

Was walking on a straight road,

Met a stranger a very fun fellow,

We spoke for hours and then went our way,

Was walking on a straight road,

A flock of sheep came my way,

A shepherd who had many stories to tell,

We spent a long time sharing stories and became friends,

Was walking on a straight road when a group of horses came running my way,

I jumped off the road to make way,

The hoof taps became closer and the sound became louder,

After a while they crossed the path and made their way across the grass,

Was walking on a straight road,

A farmer in a cart came my way,

On the way to the market to sell the goods,

We drank water under a tree and ate some bread,

Then he went on his way and I went on mine,

The path came to an end, the end of the straight road,

But it was a good journey,

Where strangers became friends…..


Making Sense

Photo by RF._.studio on Pexels.com

There are things that make sense and those that dont,

The more you think about it, you seem lost on your own,

It is your world and there is the reality,

The things you are taught and the things you learn on your own,

Everything has a meaning, maybe just a hint of what’s coming your way,

Just stick to your path and dont move away,

Dont give up if things dont go your way,

You are stronger than you think,

It will take time but things will surely fall your way..


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

The path was long,

Sun bright shining on ,

Mirage of water appears,

Bathing in sweat, Feet swollen

The path never seems to end….

Every step becomes a burden,

Every move becomes difficult,

Its a long way to go along the unexplored road…

The Only Way

Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels.com

There was silence and yet words were spoken,

The truth felt inside was the only truth known,

Kept inside locked with no place to go,

Thoughts remained thoughts,

Never got into the open,

Suddenly the path was clear,

A way was found to the door,

With all the strength and determination,

A new life began,

The road was taken before,

And was known to many,

But only the few knew the way….

All Aboard!!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

All Aboard !!

The train conductor’s call,

The passengers made their way onto the train,

The engine let out its steam and blew a whistle,

It was then time to leave,

Crew members, service attendants and porters hurried to make it to the train,

The train started to move slowly as it left the station,

Visitors of the passengers waved their goodbyes,

Some with even tears in their eyes,

It was after sometime you could see the end of the train which had many bogies,

So majestic as it curved with every turn,

As the train picked up speed it made more sound and everything outside moved fast,

Each compartment had a door which passengers can lock from inside ,

There were no upper or lower berths neither sides,

Divided into separate areas with no means of moving between compartments,

The aroma of food made the people anxious,

They couldn’t wait to taste the food that was served nearby,

The train changed different routes passing trees ,

Meadows along the way,

Finally we reached our destination and got down from the train,

What an amazing journey it was,

I wish I could turn back time and do it all over again….

Lost IN Woods

The woods are lovely and run deep,

I seemed to have lost my way and now have no place to stay,

The trail disappears not sure which path to take,

It is becoming dark and i need to find a way,

There is no one else around and the map is not helping me in anyway,

The crumbs i laid on the way have no trace,

With no light to see i struggle to make my way,

The moon’s light is the only light that shines,

As it gets more darker I decide to take rest under a tree and wait for the next day,

The sun creeping from the shadows brings out the morning light,

As i try to find my way back one must say it was a journey worthwhile,

I know it will take many more days but I am much closer to nature now than ever in every way….