Wise Choices

When do we listen to what others say, How much of it do we listen and how much to throw away, What to keep and what will stay, It is after all our decision at the end of the day, Many such advices come your way, You just need to choose the right ones, And […]

On the Road

Was walking on a straight road, Met a stranger a very fun fellow, We spoke for hours and then went our way, Was walking on a straight road, A flock of sheep came my way, A shepherd who had many stories to tell, We spent a long time sharing stories and became friends, Was walking […]


Let go of the fear that holds you back, Let go of the tear and replace it with a smile, Let go of the procrastination and go do it, Let go of the past not worth pursuing, Let go of all the hurtful things people said, Derive strength from your weakness, Let in only those […]

The Brave Soldier

Deep in the trenches he stood with pride, Defending what was his and everyone’s, Brave and ready to take what comes his way, This was no child’s play, It was a war that he had to fight, With enemies at his sight, A matter of life and death, His heart sank seeing those injured or […]

A Maestro

The stage is set, Dressed in a coat, A spot light on the performer, An artistic genius, As though magic in his fingers, The keynotes play on their own, Music that touches the soul, With the first key the crowd cheers, Echoing through out the auditorium, Silence among the crowd engrossed in the sounds, Till […]

The Decision

Feelings hurt by those close, Intentionally or Unintentionally is unknown, They decided to not have a child, They were happy on their own, She was asked by many and taunted, Every step she was hurt and a wound was felt, It was not a crime but a decision they made, Can people respect that and […]

Make it Go Away…. Your Way…

Have you ever met people who constantly try to annoy you? What do you do? Do you ignore and walk away? Or do you respond and stay, Whatever the case calmness is the key, The more annoyed you would get the more motivated they get, Its the constant feeling of getting the attention on them […]

Nature Thanks All

The bright morning speaks to me, The sun wants to play hide and seek, The flowers have bloomed and are colorful, The trees have now fruits on them, The ponds have the lotus blooming out of the dirt, The birds are now chirping singing a song, The animals rejoice as there is no noise, The […]

The Ship of No Return

A voyage which no one thought would be their last, The sheer size of the ship gigantic and enormous, The safest ships of all, But that feeling didn’t last longer, A monstrous white sheet of ice, The collision caused the hull plates to buckle inwards along her starboard, Flooding the ship all along deck by […]