Battle for Survival

There is a constant need to prove oneself better,

In doing so one forgets the other’s feelings,

Insecurities takes over,

How much would you run behind superficial fame,

What would you do with so much power and name,

The monotonous robotic lives still remain,

Accepting however the society demands you to be,

A constant battle for survival,

Competition to be the best,

In doing so stepping on the rest,

When does one stop to think if this is all worth it,

Only then you realize,

You have only one person to prove that is yourself and no other…


The Fight for Power

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In the fight for power they seek,

They enjoy see others fall,

Cheat and full of deceit,

Games that are played,

Those who dont deserve prevail,

Blindly following the path without questioning,

Doing things and following what’s not right,

Individual sense of being is lost,

Now they follow the crowd,

Mediocrity prevails,

For power is all they seek!!

Power of Change

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The way we talk,

The way we walk,

The way we behave,

Attitude has its impact everyday,

It is not what happens to us,

How we react that matters,

It depends on how we see our lives,

It can be gloomy and dark if we want it to be,

Or bright and sunny the choice is ours,

It is a make or a break situation,

It can ruin relationships or get us closer,

But we have to embrace the attitude for that day,

We cannot change how others behave,

But we have the power to take control of our day everyday…


Dark vertical stripes on orange-brown fur,

Camouflaged while hunting,

A solitary but social predator,

Kills prey by clamping down on the prey’s throat,

Moves very silently in the tall grass keeping a watch,

Roaring and growling,

Eyes sparkling in the forests of the night,

In those eyes of flame one can see its next prey,

At a distance walking towards you,

Following your every step,

Makes its move by surprise,

Behold! the mighty tiger whose path you dare not pass….

The Boundary of Life

In the boundaries of our restricted lives,

Stories are written with wrong lines,

The projection of outside is deception,

A mask worn to satisfy,

The true self is lost in mere lies,

Power and greed has occupied the minds,

Goodness is few,

Peace is nowhere to be found nearby,

Selfishness has taken over with all stride,

There is no judgement between right and wrong,

How can one go through life with losing oneself in one’s own eyes…

A Self Mind

Ego a mask for insecurity and craving for victory,

A learning barrier, a relationship breaker,

Thought of dominance and power,

Silence is the winner here,

No balance in one’s life, it takes you away

A little is fine, more makes a person shallow from within,

Balance is the key,

It is your conscious mind, “a Big Ego,”is too full of a person

You are never wrong but don’t listen to others too long,

Chasing for fame you never take the blame,

Leave the ego behind and take the path to success….