Summer Showers

A cold wind blows bringing the smell of wet mud,

The plants and trees welcome the rain,

Dancing and rejoicing the coming of showers,

Water drops on the leaves sparkling like a jewel,

The sky roaring and warning of the showers coming,

The light striking as though a click through a camera,

A breath of fresh air a calming feeling,

A relief for the farmers who rejoice,

The dust wiped out from the roads,

Drizzling and trickling a lot of rains will follow,

Summer showers are here…


Drops of Joy

The soft pitter-patter on the window,

Looks like pearls in a necklace,

The rain trickles light and then slowly increases throughout the night

Huge puddles of water where you can see your reflection,

People enjoying the first rain and dancing along the way,

The sound of rain makes you feel relaxed and calm,

The leaves have droplets on them which shine once the sun is out,

The mud smells heavenly the cleanest of all,

The wind blows and splashes drops along the way,

Cooling everything in its way,

Rain waters the garden and flows down the drain,

Oh! heavenly rain do visit me again…..

What a Day….

Photo by Ferdinand Studio on

The monsoon showers,

The sudden droplets of rain,

But you seem to brighten my day,

I’m protected in your shelter,

Open arms wide to cover me ,

Colors that bring light to this gloomy cloudy day,

Oh! How I love dancing together,

I keep you close,

You never know when there will be unexpected showers again..

Mesmerizing Beauty

Photo by Alexas Fotos on

The magnificent beauty and charm,

Iridescent blue and green plumage,

Merging into a vibrant green,

Furling feathers fanning out in glorious display,

“tail” known as a “train”,

Feathers marked with round circles,

Dancing and welcoming the rain,

With elegant grace,

A sight not be missed,

Eyes shining so bright,

Feathers sparkling in the light,

Our own true spirit captured in its stunning beauty…