Trust Forever

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The very first step to every relationship,

Once broken cannot be mended,

Built over time,

Earned not given,

“Trust” a deep word with a deep meaning,

So important to feel it within,

The connect and the bond becomes strong,

In difficult times it is the trust that says hold on,

That someone who comes to your rescue when in need,

Trust is all that you need…


Across the Bridge

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A long bridge across the river,

Which connects many people across,

Built strong and sturdy,

It has witnessed a lot,

An old bridge built centuries ago,

It has stories deep within,

Stories of survival,

It has seen many generations go by,

Calamities seen through the eyes,

But it still stands strong what come may,

The strong foundation lays deep at the bottom,

But nothing can shake it now,

It stands with pride and Welcomes all….

A Self Mind

Ego a mask for insecurity and craving for victory,

A learning barrier, a relationship breaker,

Thought of dominance and power,

Silence is the winner here,

No balance in one’s life, it takes you away

A little is fine, more makes a person shallow from within,

Balance is the key,

It is your conscious mind, “a Big Ego,”is too full of a person

You are never wrong but don’t listen to others too long,

Chasing for fame you never take the blame,

Leave the ego behind and take the path to success….