The Long Road

A journey planned down the road,

The ocean following us side by side,

All the laughter and the fun giggles,

The noise indoors,

The journey together which holds dear,

The confusion and chaos of losing our way,

Dozens of paper maps and virtual maps at display,

That picnic stops for hunger,

That brown basket which has our delicious sandwiches,

The excitement of the journey ahead,

The wild goose chase that we all love,

It’s the journey that matters,

Oh, how I miss those days,

As the destination awaits…



Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

The path was long,

Sun bright shining on ,

Mirage of water appears,

Bathing in sweat, Feet swollen

The path never seems to end….

Every step becomes a burden,

Every move becomes difficult,

Its a long way to go along the unexplored road…