The Prayer of a Tree

Photo by Andree Brennan on

We were many some years ago,

Now we are only a few,

Weird sounds huge monsters like,

Crossed our path and removed everything in sight,

Let us live and let us stay,

Our branches represent care and extend and provide shade,

In the summer we dry up and wait for the rains,

The trunks arching in the woods and children playing in their tree houses,

People enjoy the fruits and I circle them with my roots,

I give you air,

I give you life,

With the oxygen I provide you survive,

Plant more seeds and water every day for I will provide you with all the happiness in every way,

Give the gift of tree let the birds sing free…


The Cowboy

A cowboy on a horseback,

Rode in the scorching sun dressed with hat and boots,

Along he rode to the desolate landscape of deserts and mountains in search of his family roots,

He crossed ranches, small towns and wilderness only to reach a small gap in the mountain,

For he believed this was the place his ancestors lived and stayed,

He got down from the horse and made his way,

As he entered the deep cave he lit a fire with his lighter so he could see ahead,

He found a small pond of water in between and sat down rested,

He could hear some sounds coming from a distance away,

Those were familiar songs he knew he said,

Sung by his ancestors in special occasions they say,

He remembers the wordings and smiles away,

Closer to the place he makes his way,

Strange people sitting around a fire and children play,

He thinks is this my family?

I am unknown to them but yet they stare at me,

Do they recognize the similarity?

They greeted and welcomed him to stay,

He heard stories from the elders of their journey there,

The next day he left back to his ranch with good memories that will stay with him forever…