Magical Moments

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Sing a song which expresses your joy,

Dance to the tune of it,

Sing a song that gives you a reason to smile,

Let go of your fears,

Be in the moment,

Sparkle the inner happiness,

Feel the rhythm get to you,

The passion to dance,

Let your feet do the rest,

Filling the room with energy of sounds,

Echoes all around,

Sing a song and feel your heart become light,

And be taken to another world,

A world of music and sounds,

The air filled with positive vibes,

And your heart skips a beat,

Enjoying the time and moment that comes by……

The Spirit of Music

Every key holds the melody,

There was magic in his hands and the music played along,

Mesmerizing sounds,

Pin drop silence among the crowd,

I lose myself in the music spirit,

Staring into nothingness,

Body sinks into the ocean of melody,

A sense of relaxation,

Soothing thoughts,

A different world comes alive and I sink even deeper in it…..

Rhythms of Sound

Moving to a musical rhythm,

I tap my feet striking the floor,

The sound of the shoe a metal tap on the heel and toe,

Smoothly moving across the dance floor,

Sound of the sliding feet,

I feel the rhythm in my mind,

The sounds get louder and i get immersed in it,

Tap, Tap, Tap my feet are faster now,

I am high with energy,

My heart races with every beat,

I am in a different pace now,

The audience claps are clearer now and get louder,

I dance my way across the stage,

From away I hear my name called to me,

I open my eyes and realize I had gone nowhere and it was just a dream …..

A Song Melody

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An inner voice that comes from the heart,

A beat I begin humming to,

Words that begin to fall in place,

To make a beautiful composition,

Sequences of notes that comprise melody,

My voice loud and clear,

Floats with rhythm running to catch the tune,

Breathing becomes faster as,

Pitches of high and low,

Slow and fast begin to balance the song,

A song to celebrate the coming of spring,

I sing the tune,

Throughout the season but now,

Spring has gone thereby ending my song…