Long Gone

A smile long gone, Drowning in sadness, Where do I belong, Nothing left to say or feel , It’s silence that has achieved its victory, Tears have no meaning now, Laughter is a mystery now…..

The Bridge

The cracks spoke a story, Ancient and old, The bridge that was used to cross by many, Was now standing alone, The voyages and the path, Travelled by those few, The visitors admiring the splendid view, The river that flow beneath once had boats passing by, For trade and survival this was the only means […]

The Choice

A mountain of burden heavy to carry, Shoulders with tangled knots, Tired with worries, Working around the clock, No Sleep, No Rest Life was definitely a test, A line of hurdles to cross, Finding the way or getting lost, Each test is a pass or a fail, At the end you choose the trail…


Deep within the search begins for peace and quiet, The mind makes noise forbidding the clarity of thought, Deep inside when fears become reality, And the mask you wear falls off, Your emotions are seen by everyone, But felt only by those few, Within those feelings of uncertainty, Comes a feeling of hope, Opening the […]


Forgiveness is a decision of the heart, It is a tough one but a kind one to start, Mind contemplates these decisions, But it’s about being positive, Removing any negative inhibitions, Anger and grief come along, Someone hurts you badly that you fall down, But its all about rising and letting it out, Pain and […]

An Empty Space

“Everything was there, yet there was nothing” “Loneliness took over and brought darkness along” “Emotions were out of place” “The need to be more visible grew” “Insecurities clouded judgement” “The ocean of thoughts, the waves that grew stronger day by day” Creating an empty space…..

The Sound

Calm and soothing to the ears, The music which I hear, A rhythm and a tone that catches on, A melody or a song, Dancing to the beat, And tapping my feet, My ears feel the sound, I enjoy drowning myself in the sound of bliss…

Remember When I am Gone

Remember those memories we created, Those laughs and smiles we shared, The long journeys we took together, Holding hands on a beach and the water coming by and touching our feet, That piece of cake we shared, The celebrations with our families, Remember when I am gone, We have faced so much together, We were […]

A Walk

She went for a long walk, No destination just across, Just kept going and going, Her feet wouldn’t stop, She went for a long walk, Her mind full of thoughts, Worries for what was to come, Her tomorrow seemed so lost, There was a sense of fear of the future, She took a pause from […]