The Voice

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The sadness hidden somewhere in that anxious laugh,

That drop of tear in the eye held back waiting to fall,

The voice in the head speaking aloud ,

Everything is going to be fine…


A Void

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A feeling that cannot be explained,

Thinking aloud,

Trying to see beauty in everything,

A quietness so within that silence seems loud,

A sadness within that happiness,

Emptiness so empty that nothing seems to fill that void…


Photo by Sanej Prasad Suwal on

There was panic and chaos in the air,

People running from everywhere,

The ground shook and shattered the windows,

The buildings were unsteady,

Came down with force,

Families lost their homes,

All their belongings were gone,

Screams and noises and cries were heard ,

Thick smog of dust in the air,

Hearts filled with despair…


Photo by Egor Kamelev on

Seasons came and went,

From spring it was another winter then,

Leaves fell to the ground leaving what’s behind,

The cold air felt even colder now,

The frozen lake and the mountain peak,

A lonely winter she began to weep,

The woods knew her story,

The moon consoled her with light,

For the darkness she endured,

The fire warmed her with its touch,

The trees in the cold wind bowed to her to speak,

She lay on her bed and went to sleep,

For maybe the next day will be brighter for her than yesterday….


Let go of the fear that holds you back,

Let go of the tear and replace it with a smile,

Let go of the procrastination and go do it,

Let go of the past not worth pursuing,

Let go of all the hurtful things people said,

Derive strength from your weakness,

Let in only those in your life who are worth your time,

As quoted by Paulo Coelho “Nobody is worth your tears, and the one who is won’t make you cry.”

The Spinning Wheel

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The giant wheel of life where there are ups and downs,

The seesaw which rocks from side to side,

A feeling that everything is uncertain and gone,

Those dashing cars,

Where you were hit many times and still made it through the fall,

Every time the spinning wheel turns,

It points to what is to come,

The wheel of life makes everyone forget who they actually are ,

At the end of it we all still manage to survive,

As the roller coaster ride doesn’t even stop for a while…

The Cold Night

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Her hands trembled with cold shivers,

The fog the only blanket she wore,

A cold night was just the beginning of her misery,

Stale food of last days cold and tasteless now,

A number of shadows walking past her,

None could see and feel her plight,

It was one of those miserable cold nights..

Forever Gone

The news arrived followed with tears in her eyes,

She was gasping for breath,

His voice was echoing in her ears,

She had spoken to him a day before,

Anxious to get back to his home,

To be greeted by his wife and child,

She sobbed and was still as a rock,

Couldn’t eat or sleep,

Her hands trembled and her body was in pain,

She had not moved an inch in vain,

Her eyes swollen of not having slept,

The person closest to her had gone,

Never to return again….

The Fire Breather

The Flames of fire,

Burning bright, Burning bright ,

Everything turned to ashes,

Flying high in the sky,

Sharp claws , scaly skin, big eyes with sharp wide teeth,

A huge relief when out of sight,

Fighting the battles to the end,

Many brave lost their lives,

The Dragon is deadly and powerful,

Leaves behind tears and sorrows,

People crying all night,

Ancient and old,

Mighty Dragon! Disappear into the sea and lay low from of our sights….