Way down the stream,

The water is at its peak,

Caught in the waves I swirl around,

The stream ahead joins the sea,

I am eager to reach the bigger waters,

From there on I reach the shores,

Where it is safe for me,

On my way,

I catch the eye of young children playing nearby,

They are amused by me,

They watch me and play with me,

and let me go my way,

My journey is a tough one to take,

For the waters are deep,

I am just a small boat I may sink or cast away,

But yet I continue in these aggressive waters,

Conquering all the hurdles in my way,

For my destination is unknown,

I follow the path of the sea and go with it wherever it leads…

The Ocean Beckons….

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The winds blew towards the shore,

Announcing its coming,

The tides raising and falling,

The moon a mirror of reflection on the water gleaming,

Twinkling of the stars in the sky,

Shimmering sparkles of the sand,

The sound of the ocean waves the cool breeze across my face,

A fishing boat far away,

A small dimmer of light,

The morning brings a new ray of light,

Different shades of water and the blue sky,

The water so clear,

Soaking my feet a soothing feeling,

I am taken aback,

The ocean and the sound of the waves take me far away to another place….

A Second

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In the midst of silence,

A still moment,

One can hear the heart beat,

The sound of the breath,

The whooshing of the winds,

To the sound of the raging sea,

I pause for a second lost in thought….

Creature of the sea

Beneath the deep blue waters of the sea,

Something lurks around the dark corner,

With umbrella-shaped bells and trailing tentacles,

Armed with stinging cells to fight of their enemy,

Catching prey and illuminating the dark spots as it pushes the threats away,

Hurting anyone that stands in the way,

Swept to the shores at times it dies once it reaches there,

An excellent swimmer they say, the creature can be dangerous in many ways

Many other creatures also exist with this creature but makes this one more dominant,

All hail !! Its the creature of the sea…..

The Message at Sea

A bottle came drifting to the shore, and was picked up by one of the passersby,

It had a letter in it and the paper looked old and dry,

Across the sea it came by,

The paper had a drawing of a map and “Help” was written on the side,

One wondered how long has it taken for the letter to reach nearby,

The drawing had a smudgy and distorted view it was difficult to get through,

But they continued to explore and make sense of the drawing that had come by,

On the other side,

I was waiting to be rescued, filled with many hopes and desires,

Too many days have gone by I wait in vain and hope someone comes by,

I had sent the bottle with the message tossed out to the sea,

The letter will travel through raging waves and pass my message,

I looked at the sea and suddenly saw a boat nearby,

I felt a sigh of relief,

My message had finally got by,

I waited as it came close by , i jumped with excitement and couldn’t wait to leave this place,

I got into the boat and was full of joy,

As we got closer to the shore i was glad that home was nearby,

I couldn’t wait to tell them my story of how the message in the bottle had saved my life….

The Ocean’s Fury

Out in the ocean the storm descended upon us,

It was a brutal night as the sun disappears,

Secure the sails called out the captain, the nature’s force wreaks fury on the ship,

the ship was sinking one could hear the screams of the families cry out,

They were all washed overboard, trembling waves brought them down

they shivered and trembled from the frozen cold water one last look at the ship go down,

They were at the bottom of the ocean and no one to help them they were gone..

The Stormy Sea

The boat was sailing at sea when the gusts of wind came howling at me,

Waves were twisting and turning and storm began to grow,

The boat shook from side to side, people were scared to be thrown,

Screams could be heard, the captain was trying to keep everyone calm,

Thunder and lightening were on the dark seas,

The light of the lightening was the only light that could be seen,

We were far away from the main land, no island and nothing in between,

Oh let this stormy night pass, for people were getting sick at sea

Then suddenly i heard a voice waking me up in between,

It was morning and a beautiful day i took a deep breathe and realized it was all just a dream…