The Pink Blush

A Peek of those rosy cheeks, A prick a second of pain, Dancing and Fluttering in the wind, Shadows disappearing to the bright sight of you, Your beauty enhanced, smell so fresh so divine, Soft touch and vibrant color, What a beautiful sight you are….

A Beautiful Feeling

I close my eyes and I feel everything around me, The sun’s bright light still feeling bright with my eyes closed, The sudden chillness of cool air that flows, To the smell of the fresh air I breathe, The fog that settles on that mountain gently, To the call of the birds its time to […]

Running Wild

The unstoppable me runs and runs, Feet pick up speed, Heart beats faster, I reach at the top of the hill, All green and serene, I scream loud enough, Running wild among the trees, I am free… I am free, Tired I lay on the grass and look at the blue sky and feel the […]