The Spirit of Music

Every key holds the melody,

There was magic in his hands and the music played along,

Mesmerizing sounds,

Pin drop silence among the crowd,

I lose myself in the music spirit,

Staring into nothingness,

Body sinks into the ocean of melody,

A sense of relaxation,

Soothing thoughts,

A different world comes alive and I sink even deeper in it…..


The Sound

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Calm and soothing to the ears,

The music which I hear,

A rhythm and a tone that catches on,

A melody or a song,

Dancing to the beat,

And tapping my feet,

My ears feel the sound,

I enjoy drowning myself in the sound of bliss…

The Wait is Over

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When the week comes to an end,

You stretch your arms towards the sky,

A deep breathe of relief,

Your time of relaxation and rejuvenation,

The weekend is finally here to enjoy,

You have the whole day to yourself,

To do what you like,

Until the next week starts,

And you get back to routine,

And wait for the next weekend to come by….

A Beautiful Feeling

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I close my eyes and I feel everything around me,

The sun’s bright light still feeling bright with my eyes closed,

The sudden chillness of cool air that flows,

To the smell of the fresh air I breathe,

The fog that settles on that mountain gently,

To the call of the birds its time to leave,

The music I hear the dance and tapping of the feet,

The mixing of spices creating an aroma of mystery,

Fragrance of the flowers the wind brings as it passes by,

I close my eyes and I feel everything around me,

So beautiful and so serene….

Time Away#Life

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The time seems to be ticking away,

Long work hours are here to stay,

Just a moment of silence and a deep breathe,

A feeling of peace and calmness is what I get,

For a minute all stops and halts,

No worries no stress,

Its time to be with myself and do the thing I love,

Away from the hustle and bustle,

Just my space and my time away….

The Calling

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The hills are calling me,

A voice that echoes,

The clear blue sky and the river that flows below,

The hills are calling me and I hear so,

The winds that make the trees dance,

The clouds bowing to the hills what a sight it must be,

The hills are calling me come visit,

The view is magnificent and I can say no more,

For I am now speechless and lost in its beauty….

Morning Glow

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“I take a deep breathe when I feel the winds passing by,

My face against the sun the radiant light,

I feel the serenity I desire,

With the coming of the sun brings a new day,

A new start and a new beginning,

Let us cherish each day with a smile

Hello Folks,

Hope you are all well and safe at your homes. Its a difficult time for all of us but lets be positive and look forward to the coming days. Stay Safe and Take care

The Mountain Spirit

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I walk towards the light,

The mountain shows me the way,

Healing my earthly wounds,

That never seem to go away,

Nature is my help to serenity,

The trees, the river, sounds of tranquillity,

Standing tall and majestic your peak covered with white glow,

The mountain is my company when I feel low,

I sit all day admiring your beauty,

As loneliness takes over I enjoy your company,

We cross paths every day,

Amidst all the chaos and turmoil, you maintain my sanity,

All the roads lead to you and bow to your presence,

You are the sacred journey I wish to take…

Serenity A Feeling

She sits calmly in her chair,

Her eyes close gently as she feels the breeze through her hair,

The scenic beauty around her is a captivating sight,

Everything around her is so quite and calm creating a peaceful feeling all along,

Achieving the serenity of the mind,

Living one day at a time enjoying every moment along the way,

Keeping all the stress at bay,

She reaches the state of being peaceful and untroubled,

She remains calm and is true to oneself regardless of what is going on…