Power of Silence

The quiet stillness of reality,

I express without fear, my silence says it all

I sit silent and hear nothing,

I am far away from the world,

Yet sometimes silence is stronger than words they say,

There is nothing to explain,

With my silence you can hear the thoughts I wish to convey,

I am not weak silence is powerful,

It tells a story not spoken or read ,

It communicates a million things without things being said…


A Second

Photo by Kirill Palii on Pexels.com

In the midst of silence,

One can hear the heartbeat,

The sound of the breath,

The whooshing of the winds,

To the sound of the raging sea,

I am lost in the moment and forget the reality….

The Quietness

Photo by Darius Krause on Pexels.com

A sheet of layer of dust on the tables,

The chairs have not been sat on,

A dingy room and smell of staleness in the air,

The dark corners covered with webs in thick layers,

No one has visited this town,

A deserted look as you enter,

Where are the people gone?

One can hear the silence nevertheless yet so loud….


Focusing the mind on a particular thought,

I reach a path towards enlightenment and self realization,

A clear and calm stable state,

Peace and perception of oneself,

A sense of well being and joy,

I think deeply and close my eyes and concentrate,

My mind is in a relaxed state,

A state of mental silence,

Restful and of heightened alertness,

Paying attention to the breath,

I float deeper into my thoughts and begin my spiritual journey….