Wings to Fly

The gentle breeze whispers to me, Come fly with me, The breeze sways and takes me with it, My feet above the ground I fly, The sky has never looked more beautiful and clearer, The clouds waving me goodbye, Over the trees and the green valleys, The water blue a reflection of the sky, The […]


I lay below the starry night sky, Hoping to get a glimpse of your face , One star stands out from the others, It reminds me of you, I wonder if you can see it too? It tells a story of us, Of how, We are far apart but yet much so closer than ever…

The Above View

The blue sky beckons and calls me, So clear and so beautiful, The clouds moving along, A design so beautifully created, The reflection of the blueness on the water lake below, The peeping gentle light of the sun rays, Sun sets away towards the evening, Making way to the night’s glamorous bright moon…

Fly Away

They Fly high, they fly low, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, Spreading their wings across the sky, Making a pattern line wise, Flying over the lakes like a breeze trying to catch a meal, Over the valleys and the streams, they make their nests in the tallest trees, They make chirping and whistling sounds, The morning […]


Seasons came and went, From spring it was another winter then, Leaves fell to the ground leaving what’s behind, The cold air felt even colder now, The frozen lake and the mountain peak, A lonely winter she began to weep, The woods knew her story, The moon consoled her with light, For the darkness she […]


I try to catch the sun in my palm, But it gently slips away, Making its way through my fingers, It laughs at me, And mocks me in every way, Having tried all day, It asks me to give up and makes me go away, Then I try my luck with the moon, Hoping to […]

The Calling

The hills are calling me, A voice that echoes, The clear blue sky and the river that flows below, The hills are calling me and I hear so, The winds that make the trees dance, The clouds bowing to the hills what a sight it must be, The hills are calling me come visit, The […]

A Storm

The dark clouds were rounding up, From the bright light it was a gloom now, There was a sudden quiet on the streets, Was it this because of the coming storm, The strong gushing winds, the dancing trees, Windows and doors slamming, The sounds were echoing across the streets, The Storm was coming, The Storm […]

I Breathe…

There is something in the air today I can feel it, Is it the smell of fresh grass ? Or the smell of blooming flowers, Is it the scent of wet mud, The gentle winds blowing towards me nudging me slightly, Is it the fog that I walk through, Is it the pure air I […]