What a Day….

Photo by Ferdinand Studio on Pexels.com

The monsoon showers,

The sudden droplets of rain,

But you seem to brighten my day,

I’m protected in your shelter,

Open arms wide to cover me ,

Colors that bring light to this gloomy cloudy day,

Oh! How I love dancing together,

I keep you close,

You never know when there will be unexpected showers again..


Lets Talk

Photo by Ruvim on Pexels.com

Moon, Oh Moon come and meet me someday,

We will sit and talk for many hours a day,

We will discuss how wonderful you look,

And what makes you shine bright every night,

We will exchange stories and become best buddies overnight,

Right now, I sit alone and speak into the night,

Hoping you can hear me and answer to my plight,

Talk to me about the sun and the stars,

Give me hope and when things don’t go right,

Come and speak to me and spread your heavenly light….

Delightful Sunset

Photo by Sasha Martynov on Pexels.com

Disappearance of the sun below the horizon,

Radiance of yellow and orange light,

As though a painter painting a watercolor sky,

Sparkling glamorous leaving no troubles behind,

Look up at the sky you have the best view,

What a brilliant sight,

Peaceful silence,

The fading light,

Evening serenity,

To escape,

All troubles stay away the moment,

The next day comes,

Waiting for the sunset to lift us up with its light again for the days to come..

The Night Sky

How beautiful you look,

Glowing bright in the night skies,

Showing way to those who are in need of your light,

The beauty of this magical light makes you sigh,

Illuminating the darkness of the night,

Sparkling, shimmering , glimmering from far in its silver glow and gaze,

Changing with time in every passing hour,

You are like the night sun that shines bright,

Bringing back the sun thereby easing into the glaring light of the day,

You shine with the stars in the sky, enhancing the beauty of the nite light,

Your presence brings calmness and a feeling of joy,

I lay down and look at the sky,

What a magnificent sight,

One can only appreciate the beauty of the moon with one’s own eyes…


The Village

Across a muddy road and ‘O er the hills and plains lies a quaint village,

The air was fresh, breathing out the fragrances of recent rain,

Found myself lost in the beauty of nature O listen! what a beautiful sound

the cuckoo bird sings along a welcome to the travellers from far away and beyond,

Nev’r will you ev’r feel this calmness anywhere,

A house made with a thatched roof with straw or branches of palm trees gives a rustic feel ,

Moving along there are many rice fields with small streams and ponds nearby,

Cattle or sheep grazing in the pasture, while the farmer works in the fields

The climate surrounding the village is always pleasant,

Sky is so blue and the clouds are as white as pearls,

There is no sign of the city life the air is so pure,

A certain spiritual serenity among the magnificent rural landscapes,

I leave this place with a feeling of content until the next time….