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The sun has set,

In a few hours I will have to hit the bed,

But my thoughts continue,

Not allowing me to sleep,

I want to unwind and relax,

I read a book,

But the story excites me and I am awake again,

I listen to songs which I like,

But the energy keeps me awake all night,

I keep twisting and turning on my bed,

With my thoughts in my head,

The owl hooting,

Oh! Please go to bed,

Oh my! I can see the light,

My head hurts,

It’s morning now,

I was up all night….



Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

Tired and exhausted,

Energy drained out,

Hard day’s work,

Sleepy eyes,

Within a blink of an eye in a deep slumber,

Comfort of a bed for many,

Soft pillow to sleep on,

What about those who dont have any,

They continue to still carry on..