True self

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She stood still in the moment,

The camera captured her as she smiled,

At the corner of her eye was a tear waiting to come by,

The clicking sound started to hurt even more,

Someone who she isn’t she had to portray to the world outside,

She had to show she was strong and bold,

The world knew her to be so,

Inside she wanted to burst out and be free,

Away from all the people and all the empty lies,

She rushed and closed the door,

Droplets of tears dropped on the floor,

But she smiled for here there was no one to judge,

She was alone but still felt free,

And continued smiling even in this misery…


A Billion Dollar Smile

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No matter what life brought them,

One thing that they held proudly,

Was their billion dollar smile,

Priceless but worth much more,

Alms help and gifts help them survive,

They accepted with a smile on their faces,

The smallest to smallest joy was celebrated,

Simple things brought them happiness,

No money , Nothing could compare,

To the billion dollar smile….


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Laugh like someone is tickling your belly,

Laugh to lighten the heart,

Laugh to shoo away the sorrows,

Laugh to spread the joy,

Laugh when you hear a funny joke,

Laugh everyday,

Laugh and your health will become a wealth,

Disclaimer : Laughing is contagious

Spread it carefully 🙂 🙂

Past Memories

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I turn those pages which hold your memories,

The album is weathered and old,

Page by Page I feel your presence,

Which remind me of our time together,

Our laughter and the silly things we would do,

As children the mischief we would get through,

The swing I would sit on and you would push me,

The tree house that we built together,

Promised to move in there when we get old,

You would share your chocolate with me,

I would let you comb my dolls hair,

I would cook for you and we would have tea,

Those were those days which now remain a memory….

Funny Bones

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A joyful sound,

A humorous story,

Visual expression of happiness and relief,

A tickle in the funny bone,

An emotional context to conversations,

A positive interaction,

Contagious when passed,

No harm caused,

Appearance of excitement,

An inward feeling of joy and happiness,

Laughter is the best medicine for the heart…

So, Folks keep smiling and laugh your heart out.

Take care and Be safe.

The Unknown Twin

She had a smile across her face she saw something familiar,

The water was crystal clear and brought a tear,

She stared for hours for it made her excited to see herself,

Strange thing she wondered what it was, was it her twin?

She admired her beauty and charm,

For she had no mirror to look at for so long,

She moved her hand back and forth keeping one eye on her new friend,

And wondered, how can this person do exactly the same thing,

It was a fun game and she spent most of her time playing it,

Her reflection in water began to glow with the light and she found it a pretty sight,

Now she must go home and tell her parents about her day,

About how she met the most amazing person today!