Deep within the search begins for peace and quiet, The mind makes noise forbidding the clarity of thought, Deep inside when fears become reality, And the mask you wear falls off, Your emotions are seen by everyone, But felt only by those few, Within those feelings of uncertainty, Comes a feeling of hope, Opening the […]


Forgiveness is a decision of the heart, It is a tough one but a kind one to start, Mind contemplates these decisions, But it’s about being positive, Removing any negative inhibitions, Anger and grief come along, Someone hurts you badly that you fall down, But its all about rising and letting it out, Pain and […]

True self

She stood still in the moment, The camera captured her as she smiled, At the corner of her eye was a tear waiting to come by, The clicking sound started to hurt even more, Someone who she isn’t she had to portray to the world outside, She had to show she was strong and bold, […]

Story of Life

Life ! An ocean of possibilities, A string of relationships, A beautiful confusion to be sorted by decisions, An obstacle crossing course, Life! A desperation to survive for many, A monotonous routine, Life! a Trail of discovery and learning, An unexpected surprise which every now and then arises, Lies to be confronted by truth, To […]

The Decision

Feelings hurt by those close, Intentionally or Unintentionally is unknown, They decided to not have a child, They were happy on their own, She was asked by many and taunted, Every step she was hurt and a wound was felt, It was not a crime but a decision they made, Can people respect that and […]

The Pain of Loss

A cloud of sadness surrounds her, With drops of tears trickling down her cheek, Her eyes swollen for not having slept, She mourns the loss of her child, A child connected with her whose presence she felt, The bond till birth and beyond was broken, A chord of invisibility within her which was a strong […]