Hear Me….My Actions Speak

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

I communicate through my hands,

I cannot speak,

I express through my eyes,

I spoke so much today,

Can you hear my message clearly?

Please say….

I am proud of what I have achieved,

Please don’t take pity on me,

I am no different than you are,

But my struggle is my own,

But still I will ensure the ends meet,

I will survive and make it on my own..


Melody of Harmony

Once a humming bird hummed to me,

Singing in its beautiful melody,

It sang all day loud and clear,

By beating its wings,

Hovering in mid-air,

Showing me how well it can fly,

Humming to me stories of its life,

It flew above the flower bed,

Beauty and grace it was a sight to see,

Bringing in harmony and light,

I felt overwhelmed with its presence,

It came everyday and i would listen to it sing,

One morning when i stood near the window to see if it has come by,

There was no sight of it and I wondered why,

I waited for it for many months hoping its return,

But it never came by…….