The Mountain Spirit

I walk towards the light, The mountain shows me the way, Healing my earthly wounds, That never seem to go away, Nature is my help to serenity, The trees, the river, sounds of tranquillity, Standing tall and majestic your peak covered with white glow, The mountain is my company when I feel low, I sit […]


With the dark clouds moving away, The bright sun makes its way, I want to see the gloomy day fill with light, Where one can be free from the calamity, Where the winds of change begin, Making its way to a new day, Giving way to togetherness and spirituality, A world free from all the […]


Focusing the mind on a particular thought, I reach a path towards enlightenment and self realization, A clear and calm stable state, Peace and perception of oneself, A sense of well being and joy, I think deeply and close my eyes and concentrate, My mind is in a relaxed state, A state of mental silence, […]