Déjà Vu – A Feeling

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

Have you ever had the feeling that you have visited a certain place before,

A strong sense of recollection of the time and the place,

The previous experience are uncertain or believed to be impossible,

I try to remember what it is but cant recall,

Looking around to find something out of place,

In the walls are captured the stories untold,

Memories which it must reveal,

A past which does not show,

Everything is new but yet has a sense of familiarity,

I feel cold shivers,

An old feeling of Déjà vu!


A Fictional Mystery

The greatest fictional private detective of all time,

A “consulting detective” in his stories,

Solves the cases with observation, deduction and forensic science,

Logical reasoning that borders on the fantastic,

With every clue he finds,

He is quick-witted,

His partner Watson assists him as he solves the case,

A strong bond of friendship between them,

His clients are the powerful monarchs and the wealthy,

The untidiest of men Holmes ,

Sherlock Holmes can be dispassionate and cold,

During an investigation he is animated and excitable,

The stories are fictional,

But those who enjoy the mystery feel they are completely there….